Meet Anna

White Dove Releases Sacramento


Anna Lisa Hernandez, aka “The Dove Lady”, officially started Whitebird Ceremonial Dove Releases in 1991, but her inspiration came in 1984 while watching the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles where they released 200 white birds. “I burst into tears, I thought it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen!” she recalls. After much research and planning, a little procrastinating, and a LOT of dreaming, Whitebird hatched.

Anna loves bringing the doves to your event to help you create beautiful memories, but feels tending her flock day-to-day is one of her life’s greatest joys. Other great joys are her husband, Dale (who is WAY more civilized than she’ll ever be); retirement (33 years with the California Senate); chocolate orange gelato (on a plain cone, please); ladies’ lunches/Sunday brunches; baking; fussing with African violets; and seasonally, sipping her famous hot cocoa (a splash of Godiva never hurt anything) by the fire. She’s a simple gal.