About Dove Releases



Thank you for everything you did. You were so much more than just The Dove Lady!” – Carolyn P., Mother of the Bride

The traditional release of doves is a vision of unsurpassed beauty, the most unique expression of joy on your wedding day, as well as a healing and peaceful touch when expressing final goodbyes at a funeral. Different occasions, as well as different settings call for custom release planning, so please tell us what you have envisioned. We’ll take care of all the details.

Whitebird’s flocks are trained to return to their home loft quickly and safely and are not harmed in any way. Scientists think excellent senses of hearing, sight, and smell, as well as the ability to read magnetic fields, are some of the tools they use. A well-trained bird can find his/her way home from hundreds of miles, but ours are limited by how far we’re willing to drive them. If your event is outside the Greater Sacramento area, please call us. Further distances will be considered.

Whitebird Ceremonial Dove Releases has provided the crowning touch to Northern California special events since 1991. Our experienced handlers will deliver your flock of pure white, clean and healthy birds that are guaranteed to fly and provide your friends and family a memory to cherish forever. Please see our Wedding Demo Video to see white doves in Sacramento.

(got harp & flute?)

White Doves in Sacramento