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“You were so much more than just The Dove Lady!”


Whitebird Ceremonial Dove Releases is dedicated to providing the most beautiful and memorable special touches for your event in Sacramento, California, and surrounding area. Specializing in the traditional release of white doves for weddings and special events, we also provide a peaceful, healing, serene, inspirational, and memorable addition to funerals, memorial services, celebrations of life, and all ceremonies of remembrance.


“Grander openings, the grandest finales, and the crowning touch
to Sacramento area weddings, special events, and all rites of passage!”


Inspired by the opening ceremonies of the 1984 Summer Olympics, Whitebird employs pure white, clean and healthy homing pigeons for their spectacular releases. You will be pleased to know that they are raised and trained to fly home quickly and safely and are not harmed in any way.

Want to know what Whitebird can do for you? Call The Dove Lady, because custom releases are her specialty, unique ideas are free, and she’d love to hear what YOU have planned!

Don’t miss our video. It’s wedding related, but the birds are unclear on that concept and will perform just as beautifully at any event you’re planning.

Dove Releases Sacramento
(Thank you, Jensen Wedding Films!)